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Caryn Challman Diverse Experience

Diverse Experience

From video to web to email design, and everything in between.

Caryn is a true Multimedia Designer, and she loves bringing stories to life on screen.

She began her career in web design, but currently focuses in After Effects, Premiere Pro and Audition... Not to mention most other apps in Adobe Creative Suite. She can focus in one area, collaborae with a team, or bring it all together into a finished product. She's even been known to do voice-over work.

Caryn brings your message to life.

Seasoned designer with diverse experience in motion design, animation, storytelling, UI design, post production, visual branding, creative direction and leadership. Always bringing a sense of humor, a positive attitude and a level head to the table - while fostering team spirit, collaboration and creativity. Caryn is currently based in the Greater New York City Area.

Key Strengths

It's not only about design. It's also about how everyone works together. In addition to design expertise, Caryn brings a lot of other strengths to the table.


It's not only about oneself. It's also about providing focus, inspiration and a positive attitude to others in order to bring about the best result.


It's not just about making a project. It's about telling the story in the best and most meaningful way. Collaboration with writers is a key to get there.

Big Picture Thinker

It's not just about one project. It's about how it all comes together and ties into the greater strategy.


It's not just about doing. It's also about asking questions, following up on status and participating and leading brainstorms. The best work comes from clear communication and collaboration.

Problem Solver

It's not only about production. The best solutions come out of thoroughly examining the problem, opening one's mind to new opportunities and exploring many possibilities.


It's not about working in a silo. It's about collaborating with a great team to produce exceptional results.

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